Limner Journal 4


Limner journal is a critical journal of illustration and visual communication.

Issue 4: A focus on Gesture
138 pages + poster & postcard, risograph printed in 3 colours, PUR bound w/tape cloth, 19.5cm x 27cm

Larry's Warren by Michael Crowe, illustrated by Mike Redmond & Faye Coral Johnson.
Bruce McLean interviewed by Elizabeth Holdsworth.
The Winter's Tale by Miriam Elgon.
Towards a Phenomenology of Gesture by Nancy Ann Roth, illustrated by Margaux Soland.
Photographs by Florence Shaw.
AIDS, Art & Activism: New York 1979 - 1989 by Tommaso Speretta.
Mirror by Wai Wai Pang.
Accessories by Caz Slattery.
Who owns a gesture? by Peter Willis.
The Cyborg Manifesto by Rosie Eveleigh.
Tombosensei by Tadashi Ueda.