Asta Meldal Lynge
Offset Lithograph Print
420 x 594mm
Edition of 50

This edition takes the film 'Site Seeing' (2014) as its point of departure. Shot in Times Square the video attempts to present a direct correlation between the represented space of the image and its position on screen. This is done by manually re-scaling and re-positioning every video frame following the outline of the scenery of Times Square. In the still selected for the edition, experimentation with the camera movement exhibits the mechanics of the digital SLR camera's capturing process. The warped image display the rolling shutter effect: unlike older film cameras that in effect take 25 pictures per second, the digital SLR camera continuously scans what is in front of it from top left to bottom right. When importing the footage into software the data is 'artificially' divided into 25 frames per second, meaning that a single video frame contains multiple points in time.